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Buster The Black Lab
Who Is Buster?

Buster The Black Lab
Buster the Black Lab lives on a family farm in the Midwest more than half a century ago.

He is a worthy successor to classic American dog heroes like Lassie and Old Yeller. Yet he brings something more. He is a thinker and a problem solver. He designs and executes solutions, rather than just going to get help. In short, he is the help.

Buster is therefore a terrific role model for children of all ages.

Buster embodies the best American values and sensibilities. He is good, kind, loyal, affectionate, and does the right thing. He is innovative, a take-charge character who knows how to treat people and animals right.

He is the Jones' family barn dog. What that means is that he runs the barn, and is in charge of all the animals on the farm. He knows what Farmer Jones wants, and makes sure all the animals are doing their jobs. He is of course, his master's most reliable, and best friend.

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